About Us


The name Vivi Vie is inspired by life; making the most of it. “Life is for living and you get only one chance at it”(Seamus Heany).
My personal journey has taken me around the globe and I have been fortunate to spend many years working in South East Asia designing interiors and accessories. Working with very talented craftspeople and artists that turned my visions and imagination into reality. I have a  passion and curiosity to discover and understand how things are made, this brought me to remote villages and cultures where beading techniques and jewellery making are cultural heritage; skills passed down through generations. Patience, talent and dedication are needed to produce the intricate details. This is the inspiration for Vivi Vie.  
“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world” (Albert Einstein).
My collections are designed at my studio in Dublin, where I also work on bespoke ordered one of a kind pieces.
I hope with Vivi Vie you will find not only a beautiful fashion piece to complete your wardrobe but also a bit of inspiration for your own journey in life.
Vivianne Koenig